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Terry Paulson Keynote Speaker & Author

Turn Your Training into Changes that Last!

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That's right! You're one click away from getting help in making the targeted changes you want to make!

"The most important part of the meeting is immediately after. What are they going to do with it once it is over?" Walter Hailey

True change starts the day you get back on the job after a learning experience. When you look in the mirror, you're looking at the one person you truly control—yourself! It isn't what you said about training in your evaluations that really counts; it's what you're doing differently three months and three years from now that proves its value.

Self-change is not only possible; you can't stop it. Change yourself or wait to be changed.

"One of the great discoveries man makes, one of his great surprises, it to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do. Most of the bars we beat against are our own. We put them there, and we can take them down." Henry Ford

Your Free Program to Turn Your Training into Lasting Change

Learn more about this free systematic process to help you turn your training into lasting changes. Why settle for an enjoyable training program when you can make changes that make a difference for you, your team and your organization!

Watch this PROGRAM SUMMARY VIDEO from AthenaOnline now.

Now that you understand the steps involved in turning training insights into lasting change, take time to start your journey one step at a time.

STEP 1: Move from Reviewing Content to Focusing Your Change Goals

Start your change effort by focusing on three key areas of change that you are motivated to change and that will make a difference for your team and organization.

Watch the AthenaOnline video - "Focusing for Effective Change" - now.

STEP 2: Involve Your Buddies, Bosses & Cheerleaders

Use commitments to your boss and resident cheerleaders to help support your desired changes. Major in finding encouragers who will help you stay focused on future change.

Watch the AthenaOnline video - "Make Goals by Sharing Them" - now.

STEP 3: Move from Focus to Stepped Progress

Make realistic commitments for specific actions that move you forward in small steps by using your calendar to create your own change momentum.

Watch the AthenaOnline video - "Stepped Progress During Change" - now.

STEP 4: Use the Rehearsal Studio of Your Mind

Take time to use the rehearsal studio of your mind to increase your likelihood of change and to prepare you to overcome obstacles to have a positive outcome.

Watch the AthenaOnline video - "Mental Rehearsals" - now.

STEP 5: Change Requires Catching Yourself Being Effective Daily

Take time to catch yourself being effective in making change work and use your calendar or email folders to keep a record of your progress.

Watch the AthenaOnline video - "Celebrating Your Progress" - now.

STEP 6: Nurture New Learning in Support of Your Change Goals

Deepen your commitment to lasting change by reading relevant resources and viewing training videos that will reinforce and deepen your knowledge in the areas you have targeted to change.

Watch the AthenaOnline video - "Nurturing Change and Self-Development" - now.

DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! If you have enjoyed Dr. Paulson's programs and you want to review, nurture and deepen your learning in support of your change goals, click here to take advantage of Dr. Paulson's training videos available on AthenaOnline. Look into taking advantage of AthenaOnline's extensive library of experts and practical content to further your personal and professional development.

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